South-West Side 

First Generation Student Network 

The GPLXC First Generation Student Network is an initiative activity working to build community and support with Southwest side students who are the first in their families to pursue higher education. Working to create intentional space and support systems to aid in the success of Gage Park students while combating the false narratives about who youth from our communities are, and what they are capable of. The network allows students to learn from one another's experiences and creates opportunities to engage with guest speakers and community mentors to help guide members in their academic and personal journeys. Navigating higher education as a first gen student of color can be an isolating experience, together we can build networks for success. 




First generation students are at a higher risk of not graduating college due to many systemic circumstances. One way of combating that statistic is to build support systems with others who are navigating higher education in a similar way and with community mentors who have succesfuly been the first in their families to earn a degree. Having guidance and support from both peers and mentors is important in combating isolation and imposter syndrome as well as learning how to navigate higher ed and balance your personal life.   



The GPLXC 1st Gen Student Network offers opportunities to attend facilitated dialogue around issues that are relevant to our cultural experiences and communities . Attendees have the opportunity to learn from guest speakers and their peers as we engage in conversations often left out of the narrative in classrooms.  


wORKSHOPS & Resources 

GPLXC 1st Gen Student Network also offers a series of workshops centered around helping attendees with resume and cover letter writing, scholarship writing, grad school applications, DACA applications, self care and more. Additionally the network serves as a place to share resources with one another. 

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