Fresh Eats Within Reach 

In response to the pandemic we have organized to distribute thousands of boxes of Fresh produce to our community since March 2020. These boxes consist of  fresh healthy food that is cultural reflective of our 92% Latinx community. 


Gage Park has the hardest hit zip codes in the city for Covid-19 and we are working to ensure access to healthy fresh food and essential items for the over 

200 families we serve a week at the GPLXC Cultural Center. 


We are committed to operating a free food pantry that is accessible and welcoming to all.

Fresh Eats Within Reach distributes healthy groceries every Tuesday at 3:00pm at our Cultural Center 2711 W. 51st Street. 


No Questions, No ID required! 

Fresh Eats

Within Reach  


Of families walk to pick up items.


Feeding Families

Every Tuesday