SouthWest Side 

Queer &Trans 


The Gage Park Latinx Council invites LGBTQIA+ identified folks from the Southwest side of Chicago to create community and connect with one another through the SouthWest side Queer & Trans Network. This initiative creates space in our neighborhoods for educational, civic and social engagements led and created by LGBTQIA+ individuals.




LGBTQIA+ experiences and histories are often erased from the narrative, this is especialy true for Latinx and Black folks as well as Trans and Gender Non-conforming communities. We create space in our own communities to honor our histories and explore these largely untold narratives. In addition we learn from each other's lived experiences as LGBTQIA+ people from neighborhoods that are often thought of as lacking Queerness & Transness. 


Educational Programs created for those who identify as  LGBTQIA+ are free to attend. Groups, businesses and organizations who are interested in personalized LGBTQIA+ workshops or training can inquire about honorarium prices.




We organize as a group to advocate for our community locally to garner support for LGBTQIA+ individuals living on the southwest side. Working to educate around issues, champion policy, demand resources and ultimately create a LGBTQIA+ center in Gage Park.  


Queering space


Because there is a lack of visibility and LGBTQIA+ spaces in our Southwest side communities we organize to occupy spaces not made for us transforming them with our presence. Queering spaces as an act of resistance while creating room for socialization in our neighborhoods and building power through community. 

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